4th International Computer Engineering Conference
Information Society Applications in the Next Decade
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
December 29-30, 2008

 Papers Status
CODE Status Paper Title Author Name Country
EG01 Accepted Integrated RF Quadrature VCO in the GHz Nesreen Mahmoud Egypt
PK01 Rejected A Vision of Context-Aware Sensor Grid Framework for Agriculture Aqeel-ur-Rehman Pakistan
EG02 Accepted Embedding and Extraction of Multiple Watermarks Salah El Taweel Egypt
EG03 Poster A New Key Establishment Approach for 3rd Generation Mobile Network with Signature Scheme Ali Mohamed Allam Egypt
EG04 Accepted On the Procedure Placement for Cache Miss-Rate Reduction Hatem El-Boghdadi Egypt
PK02 Accepted Handover Based Formal Dynamic Model of UMTS Communication System Nazir Ahmad Zafar Pakistan
EG06 Accepted Neural Network Algorithms Performance Measure for Intrusion Detection Hassan I.M.Sayedahmed Egypt
EG07 Accepted Reduction the Rate of Alerts and False Positives of Intrusion Detection System Hassan I.M.Sayedahmed Egypt
MA01 Poster The Effect of Image Data Compression on Diagnostic Information Quality of Compressed MRI of Telemedicine Applications S. E. Ghrare Malaysia
EG08 Accepted Sensor Deployment Using Billiards Algorithm Rabie A. Ramadan Egypt
EG09 Accepted Deployment of Sensing Devices: A Survey Rabie A. Ramadan Egypt
EG10 Poster Term Weight Information Retrieval Model Based on Document Structure Shaimaa M. Ahmed Egypt
EG11 Accepted A Current-Conveyor Based Buffer for High-Bandwidth and Low Input Impedance Outdoor WOC Applications Moustafa Hussien Egypt
EG12 Accepted Hypertext Semantic Search Based Dexter Model on Distributed Heterogeneous Systems Rabie A. Ramadan Egypt
EG13 Accepted Object Oriented versus Aspect Oriented Mediator Pattern Noura El Maghawry Egypt
EG14 Accepted An Efficient Cryptographic Privacy Preserving Algorithm for Association Rule Mining over Heterogeneous Database Mahmoud Hussein Egypt
EG15 Accepted Mining Association Rules on Mixed Database with Privacy Preserving Mahmoud Hussein Egypt
EG17 Poster FWM Suppression in WDM Systems Using Advanced Modulation Formats Mohamed M. Ibrahim Egypt
PK03 Accepted Integration of Algebraic Automata and Z Notation Conforming Some Important Structures Nazir Ahmad Zafar Pakistan
EG18 Accepted Exploiting ILP, TLP, and DLP to Improve One-Sided Jacobi SVD Performance on Intel Multi-Core Processors Mostafa I. Soliman Egypt
EG19 Accepted Surface Reconstruction from Multiple Images using Level Sets with Statistical Shape Prior Moumen T. El-Melegy Egypt
EG20 Accepted A Distributed Design for a Server Cluster Providing Multiple Services Ahmed Abdel-Tawab Egypt
EG21 Accepted Supervisory Control System for a Fermentation Plant Georges. H. Riad Egypt
EG22 Poster Automatic Recognition of Printed Hindi Numerals in a Tabular Form Moumen T. El-Melegy Egypt
EG23 Accepted A New Technique of Modeling Acoustic Echo and its Implementation Using FPGA Ashraf Mohamed Ali Egypt
EG24 Poster Mobile IP Firewall Traversal with Deployment of MIFA Khaled Abdel Salam Egypt
EG25 Accepted FBASED: Field Based Multiservice Sensor Networks for Routing Purposes Ahmed Y. Khedr Egypt
CH01 Accepted Building Generic Customer Profiles for a Hybrid Recommendation Architecture Chengzhi Liu China
EG26 Accepted Performance Enahancement of Piconet Scheduling Schemes under Asymmetric Traffic Rawya Rizk Egypt
EG27 Accepted Blind Source Separation using Higher Moments of Generation Ashraf Mohamed Ali Egypt
EG28 Accepted A Meta-framework for E-Government Systems Evaluation Manal Abdel Kader Egypt
EG29 Poster The Development and Improvement of Speech Therapy Tools using MATLAB Environment Eman Alkafawi Egypt
EG30 Accepted DRUS: A new proposed interoperable DRM hardware-software solution Amr Tosson Egypt
EG31 Rejected Arabic Speech Keyword Spotting using HMM and a Distributed Acoustic Model Mohamed Hashim Farouk Egypt